When will Bugaboo Pocket be released?
We’re shooting for a 2024 release. We want you to be able to raise bugs ASAP, but release schedules are tricky things.

How much will the game cost?
We can’t share a concrete price yet, but we’ll make sure it is fair to both the players and the devs. We want you to play the game, but we also want to continue making games as well.

Will Bugaboo Pocket be available on mobile?
As of right now, we are primarily focusing on PC and Mac. Any other platforms, including mobile, are still undecided.

But what about the Nintendo Switch?
Yes! We are super excited to confirm that Bugaboo Pocket will be coming to the Switch! We will most likely release our game on Steam first and then release on the Switch.

Will there be controller support?
There is currently no controller support in the demo, but we will have controller support in the full version of the game.

What other bugs will I get to raise? I want to raise _______.
So far, we’ve shown three bugs: the rubber ducky isopod, the rosy maple moth and the pleasing fungus beetle. We don’t want to reveal too many bugs since we want you to be surprised! If there’s a particular bug you’d like to raise, you can submit it when you sign up for our mailing list.

I think I found a bug in your game. No, the OTHER kind. How can I tell you about the glitch I found?
We have a bug report form available here!

Will you eventually sell merch? What about those stickers?
Creating and selling merch would be super fun! If the game does well and there’s demand for cute bug products, we’d love to set aside some time to design some Bugaboo Pocket merchandise.
In the meantime, we occasionally give out stickers on our Discord server, mailing list, and at in-person events.

How long have you been working on Bugaboo Pocket?
We started working on the game in 2021, but we have only been working on the game full-time since March 2023 (when Beth finally quit her day-job).

I like the pixel font, but will you also have dyslexic-friendly fonts?
We’ll do our best to include this feature.

Will there be spiders in the game? Will there be an arachnophobia mode?
We don’t want to reveal any more bugs at the moment. That said, we really want people to play the game with the understanding that the bugs in our game are beneficial to the world around us (and that includes arachnids).
If there are spiders in our game, we’re going to make them super cute which will hopefully help some people become less afraid of them.